About Us

SOLIDUS ASSYST  (SOLIDUS Automation and Safety Systems) was founded on May 2007. Since its establishment the company aims to provide state of the art industrial automation systems as well as flexible engineering services and solutions.

Carrying proven know-how and expertise, the aim of SOLIDUS ASSYST is to:

  • Specialize in modern technologies in the sector of Industrial Automation.
  • Provide continuous education and training of personnel to related industry standards and technologies.
  • Represent and support the activities of Major international companies.
  • Provide complete local services in every step of a project lifecycle.
  • Be consistent and with ethical attitude towards its customers.
  • Be flexible to end user requirements.

Our clients list includes all the refineries of Greece, small and large-scale Power plants, cement factories, big engineering/construction companies, water treatment companies and several other process based industries.

The company is well established in the field of functional safety in Greece and well known for offering dedicated solutions to protect assets and ensure the safety of employees by delivering systems which are tailored to the end user requirements.

Our eager eye to innovative technologies and belief that knowledge is power, have established a constant training and certification of the personnel abroad. In fact, our knowledge and experience comes with all the appropriate qualification/certification from the relevant bodies and manufacturers.

We are located in Haidari – Athens, near the national road from Athens to Corinth, very close to two of the major customers Hellenic Petroleum (Aspropyrgos and Elefsis Plants) and the Central Offices of Public Power Corporation. Our facilities consist of a spacious warehouse and electronics/mechanical workshops as well as presentation and training rooms.

Finally, the company is certified with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001.

Over 1000 safety loops assessed

More than 50 ESD systems installed

More than 300 actuators installed & supported